Our Arts and Crafts centre is a very important part of the resident’s treatment programme. During these sessions our residents are encouraged to produce some form of labour, be it artistic, creative or otherwise. The residents are not ‘just kept occupied’, the Arts teacher also helps the residents in teaching them various skills and useful crafts. The finished product must be of such a quality that it can be sold at a profit to the public. This profit serves as a form of income to both the resident, as well as the organisation. The types of crafts offered vary from leatherwork, card-making, decoupage, embroidery, knitting and needlework.

Some of our residents have progressed to such a level that they work on a full time basis in the Arts and Crafts Centre and earn a weekly wage for their work done. Successfully teaching various skills to our residents most certainly improves their self-worth, enhances self-esteem and also empowers them as individuals to reach their maximum potential. It also encourages them to become self-sufficient.