Arts and Crafts Centre

A most important part of Care Haven’s holistic approach to a resident’s treatment programme is the Arts and Crafts Centre. It is here we encourage you to realise your creative potential whether it be artistic or otherwise skilful.

Our programme is not Occupational Therapy.

Care Haven does not want just to keep you busy, our Skills Teachers are there to teach you various useful crafts to create products of quality that the public will want to buy. The profits earned from the sale of these products are an income to yourself as well as Care Haven.

The types of crafts on offer vary from, for example, leatherwork, candle-making, card-making, decoupage, embroidery, knitting, needlework and woodwork.

Some of our residents have progressed to such a level that they work on a full time basis in the Arts and Crafts Centre and earn a weekly wage for work done.

Successfully teaching various skills to our residents most certainly improves their self-worth, enhances self-esteem and also empowers them as individuals to reach their maximum potential.

Care Haven wants you to be self-sufficient, to be a contributing member of society and to be a creative force to be reckoned with.