About Us

Our centre was established in 1980, when a group of volunteers at the Elizabeth Donkin Hospital realised the need for Aftercare Services in the community for patients who were discharged from the hospital and had no where to go to. Care Haven is also the oldest psychiatric Aftercare centre in the Eastern Cape.

When it first opened, Care Haven was only able to accommodate 9 residents.  The need for an additional psychiatric care centre was soon realised, and the second centre, Chelsea opened its doors in November1988.

Today, we have grown to such an extent that we are able to accommodate 70 residents, and today we own three buildings, which not only provides accommodation to our residents, but also houses our administrative offices and an Arts and Crafts Centre.

The main purpose of our organisation is to provide residential and therapeutic care for people with mental illnesses, who have been discharged from State or Private Psychiatric Hospitals.  It was found that there is a need for these persons, referred to as patients, who are unable to function independently in society and need both residential and psycho-social care.